Buyer First Wholesaling

Hey my name is Justin Van Riper and I’m a real estate investor.

I have flipped hundreds of homes and have systems in place to do all of this while only working for two hours a day.

I have both the time and money to do what I want, when I want.

I don't say this to brag but simply to show you it's possible to create a life you love.

I'm fortunate enough to say I've gotten to that point, but it hasn’t always been this way.

I’ve been in the business for about 10 years and have tried a ton of different strategies and techniques.

Some of them were successful. Others were colossal failures. In fact, they almost bankrupt me.

I learned from both the triumphs and defeats. Luckily, I never gave up and just kept tweaking and tweaking.

I was always thinking about how I could adjust every aspect of the business to work less, while simultaneously earning more.

At one point, I thought the only way to accomplish this would be by hiring an entire staff to handle the daily operations.

That's not what I wanted. I wanted to keep overhead as low as possible. Who wants the stress of having to pay 20 employees in a huge office space?

My team consists of myself and an assistant. That's it. And I'm still able to do volume, while only working two hours a day.

I know... It sounds too good to be true. But hang around and you'll see how I was able to accomplish it.

Now you could go the same route I did. You could spend 10 years and tons of money on other strategies.

Or... You could simply copy a very easy and proven, step by step system.

I've created this system to help others become successful.

It's my mission in life.

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What you'll learn in the webinar:

✅The absolute best strategy for investing in real estate

✅How this strategy is the easiest, safest and most profitable method available

✅The mistakes most investors make

✅How you can do all of this with no money or credit

✅How to make good money, while only working two hours per day

✅From both my successes and failures and how these helped me to build the perfect system

✅How you can fast track your success

✅And so much more

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